Passion for fashion in the heart of Wynwood, Miami, and in the heart of a struggling fashion design student

Fashion and street-art collide…

Sundrenched Pen


DSC_0874 Bomber Jacket from

Wandering through the streets of Wynwood in Miami, in the aftermath of Art Basel, you wouldn’t have to walk too long before sighting a couple of art-consumed figures holding court in their own fashion photo-shoot with the street art of the Miami Wynwood artists as a world-renowned backdrop. Into the thoroughfares of Miami street-art glides a heart of wonder-lust for a cadence that lends itself to fashion-mixed-with-art-mixed -with-color-mixed with passion-for-fashion.

DSC_0864 Street art in Wynwood, Miami, Florida

Miami native Miss Shari-Simone plots a highway through the town; down streets a-washed with streams of color that used to ride the D-train through the Bronx, NY, or the ancient brown stones of Brooklyn; street art of a style transplanted from the cold north of the Home of Hip-Hop (and Grandmixer D.ST would have agreed); gliding high over the Dirty South ATL (Hi, Luda-Ludacris) to the southern-most reaches of Miami…

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