Revisitation – a muse

In the middle of working on my detective novel set in South Florida, I took a family vacation to Jamaica. This time away in Jamaica propelled me toward a visitation with places, themes, smells, evocative atmospherics in green mountains, and multi-dimensional passions beneath the skin of the kind seen in my as-yet unpublished novel sitting in a drawer awaiting revision.

Now I am at a fork in the road that portends writer’s block based on indecision on whether to continue penning my current South Florida detective novel or going back to my revision of the previous novel partially set in Jamaica and the UK. My Jamaican revisitation has summoned up the characters that walk on cold London streets, or return to the Caribbean to bury a loved one high in the green hills.

And yet…

Back in Florida, my private detective comes knocking, this time with great urgency.

2013 Smith Family Reunion 400


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